Web-based questionnaires

From January 2017, you may give your participating patient the choice of either postal (paper) questionnaires or a web version with the same content to be filled in online. Remember that postal questionnaires, or those filled in on paper, must be sent to Stockholm clearly marked with the patient ID and date of completion: Bröstcentrum at Karolinska University Hospital, 17176 Stockholm, Sweden, att: SENOMAC.

OBS all nedanstående information finns på svenska här!

For the web version, remember that each patient has an own study number or "patient ID" consisting of 6 digits. The first three digits are your own site's specific code, the following three digits are the patient's number calculated as 001 for the first patient enrolled at your site, and increasing per patient (001, 002, 003 etc).

For logging in, go to https://data.dynareg.se/senomac.

Organisation: the first three digits in all your site's patient IDs = your site-specific code

Användarnamn / user name: the name you received from the SENOMAC administration

Password: the password you received from the SENOMAC administration

Instructions for the use of web questionnaires:

1. Go to https://data.dynareg.se/senomac and log in as described above. Fill in the correct Patient ID (also called randomization or study number). If "None are registered in this patient yet - choose Fill in a new form" appears when you enter the Patient ID, select the "Fill in a new form", thereafter "QoL".

Please fill in the patient's initials and year of birth, then press Save.

2. For the selected patient, a list of survey codes is shown that have been assigned to the specific individual. You can print a letter with instructions for completion of each survey point (baseline, 1 year follow-up, 3-year follow-up, etc.) by clicking on the links to the right of the codes. There are different letters for each survey occasion, one initial letter and a letter as postal reminder.

3. Press "Save and update survey data (for all patients)" to allow the system to verify the codes that are answered by this individual patient and all others in the system. This may take a little while; do not click on anything else while the system is updated / web page is loaded.

Additional information

Patients complete questionnaires themselves on http://www.incasvar.se with the unique code you gave that individual. Tis code is specific both per inidividual and per time point, i.e. baseline, 1-year follow-up, 3-year follow-up etc..

By clicking on "project report" and choose the report "SENOMAC Patient list for the logged in organisation", you can see a list over all your site's patients in the system. There you can easily follow which questionnaires have already been completed and for which you need to send a reminder. Remionders are always sent as a second letter containing a log-in code but must also contain a paper questionnaire and return envelope to give the patient both choices. 

For techincal support and questions, please contact: 

Christofer Lagerros (IT designer for SENOMAC web questionnaire system)

Civilingenjör datateknik

E-mail: chrille@lagerros.se  Telephone: +46(0)733-249460